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Aircraft Designs Inc
TypePrivate company
OwnerMartin Hollmann

Aircraft Designs Inc was a US aircraft design and manufacturing firm founded in Monterey, California by Martin Hollmann in 1976.[1] Apart from working on its own designs, the firm provides design and engineering analysis to other aerospace ventures.[2]

Hollmann and his company carried out much subcontract work, particularity in his areas of expertise, including aeroelasticity and structural analysis. He also designed a number of gyroplanes.[2]

The company was dissolved on 30 January 2012 and owner Martin Hollmann died 12 October 2012 of cancer.[3][4]


Summary of aircraft built by Aircraft Designs
Model name First flight Number built Type
ADI Sportster 1974 Single-engine two-seat gyroplane plans
ADI Condor 1981 Single-engine, twin boom, two-seat motorglider.
ADI Bumble Bee 1983 Single-engine single-seat gyroplane
ADI Stallion 1994 Single-engine six-seat touring light aircraft


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