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Coordinates: 54°44′53″N 6°47′28″W / 54.748°N 6.791°W / 54.748; -6.791

Stone circle.
Stone row.

Corick (from Irish Comhrac 'confluence'[1]) is a megalithic site and townland in the civil parish of Ballynascreen, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland.[2] It includes a stone circle and a stone row. The Corick stone circles and alignments are located 2 km north east of Ballybriest court-tomb, 400 metres south of Corick clachan, near a stream.[3] The stone alignments and circle are Scheduled Historic Monuments in Corick at grid reference: Area of H780 896.[4][2]


Although it is often believed the stone monuments were intentially aligned to serve a greater purpose, the crudeness of the stones means that they could not have been used as advanced astronomical calculators. Their positioning therefore is more likely symbolic rather than functional.

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