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Abdoldjavad Falaturi (1926–1996) (Persian: عبدالجواد فلاطوری‎) was a German scholar of Iranian origin.

He studied Islam (theology, sharia, ...) in Iran, up to the highest possible level, before going to Germany where he studied philosophy (up to PhD). He has also written several other official publications (together with Udo Tworuschka) for education in Germany on Islamic theology (initially "Der Islam im Unterricht. Beiträge zur interkulturellen Erziehung in Europa", in: Beilage zu den Studien zur Internationalen Schulbuchforschung, Braunschweig : Georg-Eckert-Institut, 1992.)

He focussed on the confusion between cultural habits and religious rules. Among others, he writes that it is incorrect to state that the chador is a religious obligation.


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