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This user is a translator from español to English on Wikipedia:Translation.

notes toward a manifesto

  1. Deletionism for its own sake is a form of nihilism. Rubbish tends to get taken out without any extreme exertion. You know: NOTPAPER.
  2. Ignorance is never a proper basis for censorious action. If you think something is non-notable, and you are alien to the relevant context, you may be an improper judge.
    1. But, of course, ignorance is not a form of malice. WP:goodfaith
  3. Minor edits are not always minor.
  4. Bias against IP-identified users is wrong, and even if most vandalism comes from anonymous users, the bots that target them with impunity need to be leashed. Anyone who edits without bothering to log in has faced these problems - which drives new people away from the project. Institutionalization, technocracy, and the regime of robotic fiat means death to the project.
  5. Ceaseless alteration of basic markup and administrative channels also punishes non-obsessive users. With every tweak, Wikipedia becomes less democratic. Consistency, even to the point of redundancy, is more important than efficiency.
  6. The current policies on "living persons" are comically cautious and counter to the idea of the free spread of information. It's only libel if you're wrong; and published rumors are perfectly legitimate sources, if used with careful discrimination. Let us hire more lawyers specializing in libel, ramp up RC patrol, and dispense with invariably self-censorious temerity.
  7. We must invest a serious amount of labor in adapting to the changing technological environment: as much as one may abhor those who access the internet primarily through their phones, this population is growing and, at present, the barriers make it frustratingly difficult to make even minor edits; to me, at least, writing a long-form article on an iPhone is unthinkable at present.
  8. Increase pace of translation exponentially, particularly with "minor" linguistic communities with a disproportionate stature in literary and political history (i.e., Dutch, and major linguistic communities with disproportionately low representation on the internet (e.g., Bantu and other indigenous African languages) due to the inequity of the distribution of power-knowledge in societies deemed insignificant by the machinations of global capital.
  9. Organize groups of specialists, in or out of academia, to work on neglected subjects. Given the precarity of academic labor, there are strong incentives to hoard research for publication given the necessity of novelty in scholarship; however, someone writing a dissertation on Dickens could surely write with authority on Thackeray, for example, without taking on such risks.
  10. Heated argumentation is not antagonistic to the mission of Wikipedia; indeed, it is essential. In the balance, the decline of the chaotic edit wars of years past is a blessing; false consensus and the sufferance of (unrepentant/pointlessly mischievous) fools is a curse.
This barnstar is recognition of your many contributions, especially to Anarchism and to the Wikipedia community.
-Willmcw 22:35, September 6, 2005 (UTC)
Oddball barnstar green dark an.gif The Oddball Barnstar
This is theoretically the "oddball" barnstar, but I am giving it to you because I like the color green and I think I should be able to give you any barnstar I wish. Thank you for doing so much wiki work on Anarchism. Cheers! (You can move this anywhere you like, of course) Saudade7 06:27, 2 April 2012 (UTC)


Some pages I created[edit]

Nouvelle Vague (Late 2013-) (Less is sometimes less)[edit]

Nike Arrighi
Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son (film)
Two Tactics of Social Democracy in the Social Revolution
Eugenio Martín
Alianza Editorial

Early - Mid 2000s[edit]



A Las Barricadas
AK Press
Affinity group
Anarchism in Spain
Anarchist People of Color
Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs
Angelo Galli
Ann Hansen
Augustin Souchy
Barcelona May Days
Biotic Baking Brigade
Chris Crass
Curious George Brigade
García Oliver
Homes Not Jails
Industrial Worker
Institute for Anarchist Studies
Institute for Social Ecology
Isaac Puente
Jeff Luers
Jason McQuinn
Max Nettlau
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
Our Word is Our Weapon
Patronage in the Gilded Age
Perspectives on Anarchist Theory
Project A119
Ramsey Kanaan
Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook
Spanish Revolution
War is a Racket


A Silver Mt. Zion
All Lights Fucked on the Hairy Amp Drooling
Bakunin's Bum
Black Sun Press
Catharsis (band)
Lucille Clifton
Cursive (band)
Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bumblebee around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening
Emcee Lynx
Eyeball Records
Five Stories Falling
Fly Pan Am
Head Automatica
Horses in the Sky
J. Allyn Rosser
Kristin Ross
Matt Pond PA
Michael Palmer
Murder by Death
My Chemical Romance
Rubber Ring
Set Fire to Flames
Sings Reign Rebuilder
Team Love
The Funeral of the Anarchist Galli
These Arms Are Snakes
Trustkill Records
Yanqui U.X.O.
Zegota (band)

New York[edit]

Karen Horney
Kubler-Ross model
Locus of control
Premack principle
Projective test
Psychological Addiction
Reaction formation
Reinforcement hierarchy


created Category:Books by Friedrich Nietzsche
Human, All Too Human
On the Genealogy of Morals
The Antichrist (book)
The Twilight of the Idols


Expansion Pak
Sonic Classics



Cocoa butter
George River
Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon
Asian Man Records
Dan Potthast
Anselmo Lorenzo
Ashcan School
Hermann Rorschach
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Giuseppe Fanelli
Maybe I'll Catch Fire
Tim Kasher
Adolph Fischer
George Engel
Revolt of the Ciompi
Francisco Ascaso
Paul Avrich
Ben Reitman
Daryl Palumbo
Alternative Media Project
Chuck Munson
Strike funds
69696 (number)