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Welcome to the world, and I'm EB0und, a sign-in name I've had in some form or another since the days of AOL 3.0, and which I chose back in those days to recognize that I am a fan of the video game EarthBound for the Super Nintendo. I have maintained that level of creativity ever since.

As far as the real me, I'm from Philly, lived a while in Littleton/Centennial, Colorado, spent a summer (sure, why not?) in Waxhaw, North Carolina, and am now living in Boulder. I graduate in May with a BA from CU. I also spend a lot of time in Regina, which is full of a surprising number of people that don't get the line "The city that rhymes with fun". My interests are all over the place, but I have the most knowledge regarding Linguistics and language, Japanese (with an emphasis on the language and literature), and Political Science (in which I spend the most time studying comparative government and law).

Anything else to say? I don't think so... Maybe more someday.